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CUST0M PRICING for every Medical Condition and Budget.
Don't let COSTS get in the way of your health. We are here to help.
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Fill out the questionnaire below. No obligation, just information! Purpose of this form is to learn 'just' enough to be able to quote you costs both medically and financially. If you do not hear from us after submitting - PLEASE call us. A Counselor will take your call or we will call you asap. 267 210-0300 - After you complete this form and while you are waiting for us to call you or before you call us, please READ the information about our program to see what is included in a program. On the RED TAB above .. look for the FIRST tab from the left, titled ABOUT the PROGRAM. There are also Before and After Pictures, Patient Stories under Testimonials. It will help you form the questions you would like to ask. Costs are not on our site. Each program is custom priced for you!
Thank you!

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Cindy's Message

Message from our Director 

Cindy Ferraro says.....

Losing weight is an "everyday" of your life job.  Think of it ....

the right food, at the right time, is critical to 'controlling' your weight.  

Too many people just 'eat' and do not even remember 

1-what it was  -  2-how it tasted  -  3-when they ate it or even  -  4-if they were hungry when they ate it. 

Our job is to help you 'become' aware and 

develop good habits - for a healthy lifetime!


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