Metabolic Balance - The Future of Weight Loss


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Metabolic Balance - is the condition of your body when you do 

not feel hunger, cravings or the need to consume large quantities of food! 




Metabolic Balance is achieved by eating certain food at in certain 

combinatins and at certain times of the day

so that food will metabolize to be used as fuel for your body as

opposed to being converted to fat.


Metabolic Balance - 
(harmony in your body) causes you to metabolize
food in a more efficient way stabilizing your metabolic rate. This process

once understood, gives you "CONTROL" over food rather than letting 

food control you.  It is wonderful feeling to be "in control."

your own body chemistry and how to contiuously adjust your own 

metabolic rate is the big SECRET to MAINTAINING the weight you lose

and stop the YO YO forever!



 Understanding your own body chemistry and how 

to achieve Metabolic Balance
is essential to 

maintaining the weight you lose. This educational 

process has been taught by WLBD
since its inception 

11 years ago and by its founder for more than 18 |


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