WEIGHT LOSS BY DESIGN  customizes programs to meet your Social,

Medical, Metabolic and Financial needs.                                                 
ALL PROGRAMS (Except the TRIAL PROGRAM) INCLUDE and EXCLUDE:                                                                                                


and METABOLIC are included.  

   A Full Report of our DIAGNOSIS and PROGNOSIS will be e mailed to you

upon  completion of Evaluations.

3.   Medications/Supplements
- are rarely prescribed. Patients MAY NOT  

rerequest medications or supplements.  Patients who enroll without a Doctor will not

receive any supplements as well.

4.   Weekly Menus
- a new menu is sent to you via e mail weekly and is created with

your Plan specifications.

5.   Menu Tracking System - is a way for you to tell your Counselor 'everything' you ate

that day all week, every week.

6.   Full ACCOUNTABILITY - YOUR Counselor will comment on your menus daily.

7.   Unlimted PHONE, E MAIL OR LIVE CHAT Counseling with YOUR own Counselor.

8.   Doctor Visits - are included under the Plan MINUS your Co-Pay dictated by YOUR

health insurance.

9.  Enrollment without a Medical Doctor.  Patients who find our program through a

referral,from another patient, a friend or via the internet are welcome to enroll in our

program. A Counselor will be assigned to that patient who will instruct the patient to

complete the Progress Report at home. That patient will be monitored by our staff

physician. A cardiologist will review the EKG.


   Patient is responsible for the laboratory studies and EKG required. Tests done

within 11 months of enrollment are acceptable to us and do not have to be repeated. We

require a CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel), a fasting Glucose and an EKG. It is the

patient's responsibility to retrieve these test for us and the providing physician. Most are

covered by patient's own insurance however we always recommend reviewing this with

your provider or a Counselor to be sure they are covered. No program can be created

without these


10.  A NO REFUND POLICY is in effect after paperwork is processed

or payment plan (credit/debitcard or check) is tendered. This policy is also on

enrollment forms. 

Discounted Extended Programs exited before maturation date of

contract will be escalated and payment in full will be collected at the time

of patients decision to 'leave' the program before payments are completed.

Patient will be entitled to any remaining menus and use of Menu Tracker

should this occur. Please choose carefully and get all of your questions


DISCOUNTED RATE PROGRAM POLICY - Programs may be offered at a

discounted rate. They carry the same policies and procedures as the full

price programs. They are NON REFUNDABLE. However in the event of a

DEFAULT OR DISPUTE of the PROGRAM purchased, the cost will "revert" to

the FULL PRICE of the same type program purchased. The patient will be

charged the difference between what was PAID and the Full Amount of the

Program automatically. It occurs upon receipt of any DISPUTE of a credit or

debit card.

11. ALL programs purchased must be started before the 1 year

anniversary of the day of the enrollment. A program may be delayed by the

patient and may be started when the timing is right, however it MUST be

within 1 year of the enrollment UNLESS written approval is obtained by the

Director of Counseling.
Programs are Sold by Months - All Programs are Non Refundable
The more months purchased, the greater the savings
Our AVERAGE Weight Loss is 6 - 18 lbs./Month

We offer a:

3    Month  Program          12 Weeks

6    Month  Program          24 Weeks

12  Month  Program          48 Weeks

A month is 4 weeks regardless of the number of weeks in any month due to the fact that different months have different number of weeks.

After a 3 Month Program  ......
A Month to Month Program is available upon recomendation of a Counselor. The details

are custom to each patient. This is an 'invitation only' program based on how compliant

(not weight lost) a paitent is during their program and how well they work with their

Counselor. The Discounted Program Extension is deeply discounted to help the

patient reach their goal and it is an advantage to be able to pay for the program


The Maintenance Program is a unique program whereby we work to establish the

"trigger foods" that will cause one to gain weight more so than others. The Maintenance

Program is ONLY open to those who achieve our goals (body fat and near scale weight)

or them. One cannot go into Maintenance unless at those goals. Leaving the program

prior to achieving those goals prohibits Maintenance.

The Maintenance Program is individually priced. However, most patients can "earn"

their Maintenance Program FREE of charge by consistently entering menus without

prompting, reporting in for their weigh ins in a timely (monthly way) or by invitation from t

heir own Counselor. PLEASE ask about the program.

 Please ask before enrolling to learn what may be available to you.