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Directions - Enrollment

ENROLLMENT PROCESS - Directions and Information
The following information is important during the Enrollment Process. Please read carefully.
        1.   Please use Internet Explorer 9 or higher when enrolling.     
        2.   Please be cautious with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox while enrolling.
        3.   The Enrollment Process spans 3 pages.
              Page 1 - Personal Data - do not need SS# or Dr Lic unless using a Paymt Plan. Use any numbers.
              Page 2 - Financial and Payment Process - Credit/Debit Cards used on this page
                              Program selection is on this page  3,6, or 12 month programs
              Page 3 - Continuation of preliminary information - SUBMIT
If for any reason going from Page 2 to go to Page 3  It does not go there- 
                                                       do NOT click Summit a 2nd time
              Exit the site and call the numbers provided and a staff member will call you asap. The information from 
              Page 1 and 2 have been trapped and are recorded - our staff will help you complete Page 3 manually. See Enrollment Link Below.

Difficulty Enrolling? Call our friendly staff at (215) 947-2200 - (267) 342-0700

Returning Patients

Note To Returning Patients

If you are a former patient of our Weight Loss by Design Program, please note that you will be enrolling as a New Patient OR a Re Enrolling Patient and your new information will be reviewed by your doctor as well as our staff physician.  DO NOT expect your program to be the same as it was when you first joined - this includes medications, counselor assignments, menu, etc. It will be prepared for you as you present today!

Our Counseling Team welcomes you back to the program and requires that you counsel daily/weekly in order to reach goal, go thru maintenance and maintain a healthy lifestyle for life.